About us


Founded in 2016, Become™ is a women-driven startup incubated by a Sri Lankan Apparel Manufacturer that developed the technology pee-proof underwear brand, Icon, and THINX period-proof underwear. They are an award-winning, ethical manufacturer who specialise in next-to-skin clothing and employ over 94,000 people, 90% being women.

We are passionate about bringing intelligent clothing and solutions designed by women, for women. 

Become's functional clothing range was ideated in London, tested in Germany, and manufactured in Sri Lanka. It brings symptom-led technological products to help women better manage hot flushes and night sweats, which are both common symptoms of the Menopause. 


Not submitting to traditional stereotypes of the menopause, Become has rocked the boat with the most stylish campaign for hot flush clothing ever. 

Too often, the Menopause is seen as a time when women wind down, when they stop being seen as sexy or cool. Become thinks differently. Every woman will go through the Menopause and around 75% will be affected by hot flushes and night sweats. This means that around 3m women will experience these inhibiting flushes this year. Become is built on the belief that women of all ages can achieve great things and they don’t need to be held back by something as common as a hot flush or night sweat.


The menopause is just the beginning of the new you and it should not hold you back. We are focused on helping women to naturally control their menopause symptoms.