Product Science

The science of staying cool

This is the first range of clothing of its kind, and has been specially designed to help you manage hot flushes, night sweats and temperature fluctuations that come with the menopause, physical work, injury and medication.

We saw there was nothing out there that effectively helped to regulate the specific experience of a hot flush or night sweat. We worked closely with two institutes in Germany to develop a series of tests that mimic the effect of hot flushes on our bodies to help us develop our new Anti-Flush Technology™. These were Inside Climate, a consulting and test services company focused on climate relevant challenges, and the Hohenstein Institute is a consulting and test services lab specialising in the evaluation of humidity management in clothing.

Our unique fabric technology looks simple, but, just like you, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It’s a complex balance of specially-selected yarns that are lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear, but packed with innovation to constantly help moderate your temperature.


As you start feeling the heat of your hot flush or night sweat, the specially developed cooling yarns will work to bring your temperature down.


When you sweat, the moisture wicking technology will draw the moisture away from your body while the anti-microbial fabric fights bacteria to keep you feeling fresh.


Once your hot flush or night sweat passes, the cooling clothing will regulate your temperature to stop you getting chills.

To achieve this, we handpicked unique fabric technologies to address sudden surges in heat, profuse sweating and extreme chilling sensations. The seamless knit technology wicks moisture and heat away from the body as your temperature increases and traps it externally. When your body begins the rapid cool down it transfers the heat back to prevent the chills while keeping the moisture at bay. After rigorous testing, this became our patent-pending Anti-Flush Technology™.

How we tested it

We developed a unique co-creator programme, in order to help us deliver a product that women would love to wear. We engaged a number of women, ranging from bloggers to doctors, who were experiencing the various stages of the menopause. We then asked them to test our prototypes and provide us with feedback, so that we could improve our product in a way that would best meet women’s needs. After four rounds of testing, we arrived at our fifth and final version. During testing 87% of women said the underwear stopped their hot flushes and night sweats.

We had done it... Now all we needed to do was tell the world!