We're Delighted to Welcome Maryon Stewart to The Chilled Menopause

A warm welcome to Maryon Stewart, founder of The Natural Menopause Movement, who will be joining Become™ as our menopause health and nutrition expert. She will be giving great advice and be answering your questions on our Facebook group The Chilled Menopause. Maryon has been in women's health for 27 years and bases all her wisdom on facts and research. We're so glad to have her on board! 

The Chilled Menopause Facebook group is for anyone who is going through the menopause, whether you're just at the beginning of your journey or have reached the other side! It's the perfect place to come together and discuss everything from health, to lifestyle, fashion and beauty, or even just to share a joke!

We look forward to seeing you there.  

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  • Sue cox

    Hi, I’m interested in learning more about nutrition & diet to help me through this journey. I eat a healthy diet but I’m sure it could be tailored more to suit my body’s needs. Thank you

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