Women, hormones & temperature fluctuations

Become is proud to be a leading voice in the fight for menopause recognition but we are more than our meno credentials!


Video courtesy of Debbie Nicholas from Talk to Mums 


We recently collaborated with Talk to Mums on a project to help mums feel less sweaty too! Of course, many menopausal women are mums too but before you even reach that stage the sweats can still get you. I always find that in winter when I’m wearing a big coat, hat and scarf, the minute I step into a shop or transport I immediately have to strip everything right off until I next go back outside, when it all has to be piled back on - not ideal. Well the errands, school run, work commute, gym workout all can contribute to rapid temperature changes so a lot of women have been using Become for more than hot flushes!


 Video courtesy of Nicola Proctor from Talk to Mums


As women we have to deal with a huge amount of hormonal changes throughout our various life stages, just like the menopause, so it’s no surprise that we are hearing stories of women across the country who are wearing Become during different hormonally charged times. We have a user who finds that it is really helping her during pregnancy, and cool down during those super hot pre-period days.


 Video courtesy of Brooke Ritchie from Talk to Mums 


One of our early adopters has even told us that it’s helping her during Chemotherapy which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy knowing we are helping to make that experience a little more bearable.

Are you hacking your Become set and using it for different reasons? Tell us on any of our channels at @become_tm and send us a pic!

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  • Laine Browne

    It’s a lot of money to spend when you are on a low budget, i have been scammed in the past & so am slightly apprehensive at the moment, although am suffering greatly with awful hot flushes & am very tempted.

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