Wellbeing of Women Christmas Fair!

Yesterday the Become team had the absolute pleasure of exhibiting at the Wellbeing of Women Christmas Fair!

Wellbeing of Women is one of those utterly incredible organisations that, when you first hear of them, you wonder how you have gone this far without them being completely front of mind. WoW is a women’s health pioneer and has invested in research that has had life changing consequences for the whole population. Some of their early achievements include the promotion of ultrasounds during pregnancy, something we couldn’t now consider going through pregnancy without. More recently they are investing in research to better understand hot flushes - something that is obviously very close to our heart!

We were joined by our best friend Jude, whose story you read here, who was the star of the show for obvious reasons. Jude was her usual electric energy and kept the whole hall captivated with her wit, humour and grace as per, and we are always eternally grateful that she continues to be so candid about her experience. Thank you awesome woman!

At the fair we met with hundreds of you and heard your stories about the menopause, how it has impacting you or is still affecting your daily life and your relationships. We heard from women who have sailed through the menopause and some who have been experiencing symptoms daily for 20 years. What it shows is that the menopause is as unique as you are, and there is no singular way to approach it or to manage it but, there are millions of ways to own it. It was a huge pleasure to speak with so many powerful and inspiring women who are taking life by the horns and are proving they won’t be held back by the menopause.

Gayani, Samantha, Radiesha and Jude

We also had the amazing honour of meeting with our Lady Mayoress Samantha Bowman who was an utter dream and showed her full support for Become. She was thrilled to learn about the level of research and innovation in our Anti-Flush technology so we all want to say a huge thank you to our newest fan!


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