The Science behind Become - How it works

Heat transference:

We used a cooling Nylon yarn that has been developed with flatter structure  to give it more surface area than traditional Nylons which enables it to move heat away from the body more effectively. In addition to the flat surface structure that quickly transfers the body heat, there is a unique polymer additive that is designed to increase the surface area further by forming small channels to drive heat away from the skin to promote cooling. It is finished with a special texturising process to create a low-bulk yarn which gives the yarn and thus the fabric maximum breathability and ventilation so you feel cool and comfortable all day.

Moisture wicking:

We then combined this with two innovative solutions, the first a smart tech fabric works in much the same way as our skin. It has an intelligent makeup that helps moisture to evaporate faster when the skin is hot and slower when the skin is cool. This is what your skin does when the hypothalamus is functioning correctly but during a hot flush, when it’s sending the wrong signals around the body, it is unable to regulate the moisture production effectively.  

It works with your skin temperature to make sure your sweat is managed in the right amount at the right times. The delicate balance of the fibres help moisture to travel easily through the layers so that sweat is transmitted from the skin to surface at the right speed to ensure maximum comfort all day.

And inherent with that is the dynamic moisture transport properties which releases moisture at high temperatures - keeping you cool, and capture moisture at a low temperature - keeping you comfortable, offering a dynamic response to changing conditions of both skin and the environment.

Odor Reducing

To close it off, We then used another smart tech-fabric finish that controls odour and fights bacteria. Traditionally used with extreme sportswear, it is a versatile fabric that prevents odour by essentially creating a barrier between the odour producing bacteria and the fabrics and preventing a breeding ground for it - which is what natural fibres would do, effectively immobilising the odour source.

What this means for you is that even though the fabrics will move the sweat away from your body both you and your Become clothes will remain fresh all day.

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