My Menopause by Lindsey Robins, Become™'s Head of Marketing

Here at Become, we pride ourselves on being able to truly understand our customers and the different journeys that they are going through. Today we're delighted to talk to Lindsey Robins, Become's Head of Marketing, about her experiences of the menopause and her role at the company.

Lindsey Robins Head of Marketing Become

Lindsey, what is your role at Become? 

I've been Head of Marketing since the end of April 2018.

And what was your own experience of the menopause like? 

Awful. It started in 2008 and I lived in the south of Spain at the time. It was one of the hottest Junes on record. I went from feeling perfectly normal one day to having around 30 flushes the next. I called my doctor in tears and she saw me immediately. I begged her for HRT for a whole hour! "No", she said, "not until you've tried Phyto Soya. If there's no change in 14 days come back and I will give you HRT". Ten days later, my flushes stopped and all was great until I came to live back in the UK in 2010, gave up smoking and put on three stone. My soya tablets stopped working.

What followed was three horrible years on HRT, bleeding most of the time and feeling very miserable. But I decided to go on a plant-based diet, lost the three stone and went back onto the soya tablets. By 2017, my menopause had gone and 'good riddance to bad rubbish' I say. I don't think you are ever the same after your menopause, but then I think we are all a different woman every decade...

How has this experience helped you in the work you do? 

You have to have experienced the menopause to truly understand what menopausal woman want to read and be shown. Since I've been with Become, we've produced new photos on the website of real menopausal women and a fresher homepage design. I've introduced underwear sets, that offer quite a high discount and we've launched our new Facebook group, The Chilled Menopause, where our 2,000 or so members all help and support each other. One woman told me she had been to the doctor eight times in three months and the doctor thought she was a hypochondriac. Her friend recommended the group and finally she realised she was actually peri-menopausal and her anxiety, brain fog, nausea and fatigue were in fact all signs of that. It's so heartwarming for me and the whole team to know that we are actually helping women cope better with their menopause.

Tell us more about Become's underwear...

It's all extremely technical but in layman terms the Become fabric is made from a flat nylon thread, which is knitted on a cross section. This makes it ultra thin, seamless and cool to the touch. Three tech coatings are then applied to the fabric. The first draws moisture away from the skin to ensure you feel dryer. The second is an anti-odour layer so we smell lovely all day and the third (and this is the layer that sets us apart from all other cooling clothing brands) actually draws and stores heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flush or night sweat before releasing it back onto the skin during the chill that follows. During our extensive trials, 87% of woman said they thought the vests did reduce the number and severity of their flushes and sweats. However, from the last 1,000 vests sold, we've only had 27 vests returned due to customers not seeing a benefit. That means over 97% of women are seeing a difference, and that makes my job very rewarding.

What are Become's plans for the future?  

We have so much coming up that it's hard to know where to start. Firstly we will be choosing the new face of Become from over 200+ entries to our Hot Women Only Competition. We will also be choosing three runners-up and all four women will be centre stage for our upcoming photo shoot, which is planned for the first week of October.

We have new products and colours coming out from October until Christmas and we're all beyond excited. Our customers have been asking for more products and we hope they will love them as much as we do.

We're planning a fabulous event to celebrate World Menopause Day. The Chilled Menopause Meetup Event will be on Saturday 20th October somewhere in London. It's going to be an informal round-table event that promises to be an afternoon of fun, food, drink and entertainment. Next year we are looking to put on a huge event so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about everything that's going on at Become.

Is there any advice you would give to women who are approaching or going through the menopause? 

Buy our underwear, talk to our resident expert Maryon Stewart and therapist Hannah Rose. Also start yoga, stay active, eat well, take your supplements and don't hide or apologise for your menopause. Talk about it so everyone around you knows exactly what you are going through and how they can help.

Do you think it’s important for women to share their experiences about the menopause? 

100% yes. Every woman's menopause is different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. So to be able to share tips and recommendations, get real feedback and ask the things you're too embarrassed to talk about can only be a good thing and that is exactly why I started The Chilled Menopause Facebook Group.


Do you have a menopause story you would like to share with us? If so, please get in touch and we may decide to feature it in our next My Menopause blog. 


Helen Prentice, September 2018

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