Menopause Week on Women's Hour

This week Woman’s Hour is running a Menopause Week and we couldn’t be more delighted!! 2018 IS the year of the Menopause, the year when we bust the taboos, get talking and finally get the world listening to our voice.


We kicked off the year with the glitziest party the menopause has ever seen when Meg Mathews launched, now the biggest women’s focused programme is dedicating a whole week to it, and it’s still only January!


Each day they are covering a different element of the menopause so tune in every day this week from 10am to hear them cover each topic. Monday saw the presenters look at the general impact of the menopause on women and the common misconceptions of how it is perceived in mainstream society. They had a phone-in where women called to share their experiences of the symptoms, of the impact on their day-to-day life and how it changed their relationship to family, friends and work.


Today Jane Garvey analysed new data from a poll commissioned by Woman’s Hour and BBC Radio Sheffield that looked at how the menopause affects British women at work, in their relationships, and the treatments they found effective. There are very few companies that have a dedicated menopause in the workplace programme but it is beginning to be adopted more. If you’d like to read more about how you can make your workplace more accommodating for women in the menopause Henpicked have a great resource here, BBC have another here and Daily Mail just covered a piece on this a few days ago which is here.

Women's Hour Presenters

Photo courtesy of BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour


Across the rest of the week Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour and Paulette Edwards from BBC Radio Sheffield will continue to hear from listeners and experts with advice on navigating this stage in a woman’s life.


Be sure to tune in on Friday for an extra special show that features some of our Meno-buddies - but I can say no more!!


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