Making and Keeping your New Years Resolution!

How to make New Year’s Resolutions and keep them!

Happy New Year!

We love ringing in the bells of a milestone and the New Year is extra special because the whole world is doing it too.  

I don’t know about you but I always make New Year’s Resolutions and I never stick to them. Ever. If I do it’s purely out of coincidence rather than making an effort to keep it up but this year is different. 2018 will be the beginning of a new resolution era and I’ll tell you why. This year I will not be making vague and boring resolutions like like ‘going to the gym more’ which I will probably do, or ‘spending less time on my phone’ which I probably won’t, but clear cut goals I’ve set myself and defined milestones throughout the year.

So instead of ‘going to the gym more’ it’s ‘be able to do the splits’ and instead of ‘less time on my phone’ it’s ‘no phone 1hr before bed and no mindless scrolling’. These are so clear cut I will be able to notice if I’m not keeping to it and so will everyone around me.

Now, I’d like you to join me. Throw out the boring ‘eat better’ mantra and give yourself something that will keep you engaged throughout the year. So instead opt for: ‘Try cooking a new cuisine once a month’ this will keep you on the lookout for interesting new ingredients and you can get your friends involved to show you their traditional meals from their hometown. It will offer a whole new dimension to eating and because it’s all home cooked it’s probably healthier than you’d expect! As long as you stay away from deep fried mars bars of course...

Once you have your resolutions: Tell. Your. Friends.

This is crucial because they will be the ones who hold you account for whatever you decide to achieve. If you’re trying a new cuisine then invite your friends round and hopefully it’ll be so good they’ll be badgering you for the next one! Once you’ve told people about your goals it’s so much harder to go back on it, and I don’t know about you but seeing my friends smug faces if I don’t complete my resolution is motivation enough!

For our Become resolutions, we want to continue to be a part of the changing conversation around the menopause and women’s evolving health challenges. We are dedicated to being a voice for women during the menopause and to growing our network to support more people than ever before. We also hope to bring you more options from Become! We have had such an amazing response from you all that we are going back to the lab to work on giving you the best menopause experience we can.

Share your new New Year’s Resolutions at @become_tm and we will make sure you stick to it!

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