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“I wish I’d known more” The Daily Mail reports on Maryon Stewarts Man-o-pause survey

Written by Anna Butterworth


Posted on March 11 2019

Partners and families can often be at the short end of the stick when it comes to the changes in our hormones. The Daily Mail yesterday reported on a new survey, by friend of Become Maryon Stewart, that reveals what it’s like to live with a woman going through the menopause.

There is a huge learning curve that comes when we reach peri-menopause and it can be a time when we learn a lot about ourselves but the changes can be daunting. For so many of us the lack of knowledge around what to expect at this time can mean that we go years without diagnosing the symptoms and it can be frustrating and our partners can take the brunt of it!

In Maryon’s survey she is asking people to comment on their experiences of their partners menopause including how it made them feel before they realised what was happening.

Maryon, who has been helping women through menopause for more than 26 years, believes problems are compounded because women do not fully understand — or want to admit — the momentous changes assailing them, and often feel loath to confide in their partners for fear of losing them. She says: “The changes are beyond their comprehension and belief, [women] feel miserable, exhausted by night sweats and sleeplessness, embarrassed by debilitating hot flushes; confused and isolated. It’s as if an alien has taken over their body.

“So my advice to men is: don’t take it personally. Offer hugs, comfort and reassurance. Support your partner in getting through this transition in her life — because it is temporary.”

Maryon recommends a few simple lifestyle changes that could help if you are feeling irritable during peri-menopause. She suggests increasing your exercise, meditating and a healthy diet. This can only go so far and for some women it won’t be enough but they all sound like good things to do anyway so they’re definitely on my list! 

You can read the full article here or you can have your say on what has the menopause been like for you, and if your partner would like to get involved in the survey they can have their say here



  • It’s a tough one, easy to say if your struggling take hrt but I feel quite strongly against it, and try to eat healthy and exercise, I’m really struggling at the moment with the mood swings and feeling very low, I do take meno serene but don’t feel
    It does much, but it helps to Beable to talk about it, I feel for my hubby who is very supportive, and realise how hard it must be if you don’t have that support from family! For me I just can’t wait to get through this awful time !

    Posted by AManda | December 13, 2017
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