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Welcome to my first Become blog which I am super excited to be sharing with you. I hope that it will be both informative and helpful for you all.

August is my favourite month, aside from being my birthday month too. So whilst we're enjoying the last few days of Summer, and because a few of us may be lucky enough to have upcoming travels to sunny climes in the next few weeks, let’s talk about Beachchic. As well as some preparations for any planned swimwear shopping trips, here are a few rules of thumb that I bear in mind for the shop, which can be quite a daunting task to many of us when looking for swimwear.

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Five tips for buying swimwear

  1. Remember the aim is for you to buy and wear a swimsuit or bikini that you feel comfortable and confident in. Fit and fabric are key. Often I come across swimwear when I don’t necessarily have any trips planned at all, but know that if I find a good fit, it's better for me to buy it there and then and put away in my wardrobe for future holidays. Choose what catches your eye in terms of shape, colour and print, and talk about what you like. Don’t be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Unless you try, you'll never know.

  2. Plan your bikini or swimsuit shop, or any shop for that matter, with enough time for you to try on without being in a rush. If at all possible, take a trusted friend with who will be honest with you (I tend to take my daughter with me as she is brutally honest!) and if the boutique that you are heading to offers a fitting service, I can't recommend highly enough for you to use it. Be guided by the lady assisting you, she will know and understand bodies, and should have a good idea about what will work for you once she measures you up, or even just casts an eye across you.

  3. Avoid wearing giant knickers when you are off for your trip. For hygiene purposes you will need to keep them on under a swimsuit or bikini bottoms. Do take your socks off too – something that I constantly forget whenever I see a pair of socks staring back at me in the mirror :)

  4. Don't get hung up on size. One size and shape definitely does not fit all. I often have to go up a size depending on the make and model of swimwear and I do have one breast significantly larger than another which I am conscious of. Don’t try to squeeze into a swimsuit or bikini which is a size too small, you won’t be happy with constant rearranging of your bottoms that are travelling the wrong way, or cutting into areas that aren’t ordinarily on public show (unless you favour a nudist beach) – each to their own of course! But definitely use loads of sunscreen. I favour Ultrasun as there are lots of different types to choose from and it works for my skin, which can burn easily.

  5. Remember, the less complicated the swimwear the better. Personally I avoid bikinis or swimsuits that have unfixed padding for the girls, as it moves around and it's a pain in the butt to keep readjusting (especially when you have a wet swimming costume and need the loo). Too much faffing about to get the padding right if it is wet and has moved around , and can give a rather strange and new bust shape ) I also like the girls to be covered, without  spilling out, that goes for my bum too. Gone are the days for me wearing a thong bikini or thong swimsuit, that was for my twenties. That said, just because you’re getting older it doesn't mean you can’t rock some sexy pieces. I would go on the vein of ‘less is more’ and personally I'm not a huge fan of frills, or ruffles as they can add bulk.


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Getting the best fit

There is no right or wrong for your choice of swimsuit or bikini, it is whichever you feel most comfortable and confident to wear in order to look and feel your best. Test the fit before you decide to buy, and if there are detachable straps, take them off and check the girls remain in an agreeable position, and have not taken an early dive into the deep blue sea. Lift your arms above your head, sit down, bend over, walk around and make sure that your swimwear stays in place. 

Many swimsuits feature clever tricks to enhance your shape, and smooth your curves. Attached is a pic of me wearing one of my favourites, a Miracle Suit that I came across in my local boutique Mimi and You. Sally there was incredibly helpful in finding me a swimsuit that worked for my shape. I like the contrast colour print as it detracts from the fact that my bust is not even. A couple of things that I have learned for myself is that the girls are not as perky as I'd like! I don't have a natural cleavage so bandeau shapes don't work for me, but halter necks can give me a better look. My tummy (after three gifts from above) is definitely saggy, and fabric across the tummy, that is slightly ruched, appears more flattering. 


Take a beach cover up

A cool kaftan or beach cover-up is a necessity for me, as it allows you to perfect the considered 'sitting-up to standing' position in a graceful and confident manner! It's also the perfect cover up when walking from pool to beach, or even breakfast to pool. I've accumulated a selection of kaftans and sarongs over the years, and favour natural and breathable fabrics for them.

Become Swimwear Blog

And don't forget to pack some Become base layers

Become Anti-Flush Vests and Knickers are not only a great way to keep you cool in the hot weather, but they also provide a fantastic base for a variety of outfits to take you from daytime to an evening out. 

Hoping that you have enjoyed reading my first Blog for you, and I look forward to getting to know you all.



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