Calling Menopausal Women of all Shapes and Sizes

We are looking for women of menopausal age of all shapes, sizes and skin colours to be in our next photoshoot. We want your stretch marks, your cellulite, your scars and your wobbly bits - we love it ALL and we’re gonna shoot it.

You need to be comfortable in front of the camera and confident in showing your wonderful skin as you’ll be modeling our anti-flush knickers and vests.

This will be a lovely DAY OF FUN. You’ll have your hair and makeup done ready for action. We'll be doing little videos on the day too to show how the products move. We’re a fun team so our shoots are always a hoot.

You’ll be shot by Marion our head of creative, joined by Lindsey Head of Marketing and Kelly our community manager so it’s all girls!

 Where: London

When: End of June date TBC for a full day

Application: Please send a face and body pic(body pic should be bra/knickers, vest/knickers - mirror selfie is fine) to

This is a paid opportunity. 



  • Shelley Henden

    Hi. I’ve been suffering 10 years of hot flushes. Tried natural stuff but upset my stomach, so now I’m just getting on with it. Hoping your technology works. 😊 I’m 49 years old. I would also love to do the photo shoot. I started to exercise at a gym and found this does help with other symptoms. Thanks

  • Sharon steptoe

    Hi ladies
    Im 55 searched the internet for clothes and underwear to help with my hot flushes. At last a company who does!
    This is what happened to me and still trying to make my life more bearable.
    I hope this will help women who are suffering with hot flushes.
    Firstly i’ve suffered badly with very heavy periods for years. Made me so ill and weak. I became Anaemic had to take Iron tablets. Numerous visits to the doctors and hospital. Very worrying time. Now i have a Mirena coil. At last my bleedings stopped. Now i suffer with hot flushes can happen day or night. What helps me is i exercise almost every day. Ride my bike. Lovely breeze going a long. I’m very lucky to live near a park with exercise machines. Yes exercise machines! Every park should have them.
    When i feel a hot flush coming, i have a hand held fan. Pavers are good. Battery operated can carry it every where you go. Carry a little screw driver to change the batteries also carry new ones just in case they run out. I soak a kitchen towel with water and dab it on my face and neck. Calms it down. I put it in a little plastic bag in your bag or in your pocket. I pamper myself with face washes and creams. Eat healthy helps. If i eat spicy food or crisps, chocolate too my hot flushes get worse.
    I love salads there’s so much choice. I’ve cut down on my tea and coffee you would’nt believe it made my flushes worse.
    I have no sugar have sweetner for my drinks. No salt too. I have a plastic bottle with water in the fridge. Nice to cool down. I even dab the bottle on my faxe keeps me nice and cool. You can put the bottle in the freezer too if you are travelling.
    The company looks good. The underwear looks comfortable and looks good too.
    In my opinion there should be a lot more choice of clothes and underwear for woman with hot flushes.
    I love to Model your underwear in fact i always wanted to be a Model. To meet women too and have a nice chat and a laugh. Which ticks all my box’s. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

  • Karen Smithson

    I am 57. I have been in the menopause for 17yrs. The only problem I have ever suffered with is hot flushes. After trying lots of herbal remedies I eventually went to my GP and went on HRT, it was fantastic, an immediate effect but after 5 yrs I was told I wouldn’t need it and was taken off it. Straight back to hot flushes. Still having them and have spoken to women in their 70s who still get them….is there no end to this.

  • Jacqueline Winstanley

    When is your next photoshoot

  • Caroline Boyes

    Hi I would love to have been in a photo shoot but have only seen your advert today and it says June I have had the worst nightmare with the menopause and it has made me ill the hot flushes and being tired and aches and pains I am doing lots of walking and drinking herb tea which helps 😊x

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