Calling Menopausal Women of all Shapes and Sizes

We are looking for women of menopausal age of all shapes, sizes and skin colours to be in our next photoshoot. We want your stretch marks, your cellulite, your scars and your wobbly bits - we love it ALL and we’re gonna shoot it.

You need to be comfortable in front of the camera and confident in showing your wonderful skin as you’ll be modeling our anti-flush knickers and vests.

This will be a lovely DAY OF FUN. You’ll have your hair and makeup done ready for action. We'll be doing little videos on the day too to show how the products move. We’re a fun team so our shoots are always a hoot.

You’ll be shot by Marion our head of creative, joined by Lindsey Head of Marketing and Kelly our community manager so it’s all girls!

 Where: London

When: End of June date TBC for a full day

Application: Please send a face and body pic(body pic should be bra/knickers, vest/knickers - mirror selfie is fine) to

This is a paid opportunity. 



  • Lindsey - Head of Marketing at Become™

    Hello Ladies

    How lovely to see your messages, stay positive and try and take time for yourself everyday. I’ve just started using a meditating app to help me fall asleep and it’s really helped.

    We are now having 2 photo shoots, the second with be for all the women who want to come to share a lovely day in North West London with us. Hopefully we’ll see you all there.

    Kind regards

  • Valerie Bradshaw Cullen

    Hi im in ireland. Even with hrt im dying . Just started on gabapentin this week . Its helping so far. Also loads of other diagnoses. Fibro osteo Floored . Id travel to london if paid . Im 49

  • Maria Jasmine Freeman

    I got all what you need about menopause. My experience was unprecedented, and unthinkable, with gasping and seizures, mutinous, for more than thirteen years. Initially I went through an alarming weight change, from size 4-6 American to almost 14 size, acutely in one year, while I was recalcitrantly vomiting with recurrent diarrhea; and this is documented with staggering photos, while my menopause was literally staggering-made me unable to walk for the most of the day. For more info, you can follow me on Twitter.

  • Iulia Dumitrescu

    I’m Iulia .I’m Romanian and I’m feel great.
    I will be 50 in July and my menopause start two years ago.
    This is the most beautiful time of my life.
    I’m really looking forward to your invitation.
    I live in Cumbria Stainton village.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Lydia Tesla

    Hello Ladys, my name is Lidija (Lydia) I’m 48 and have menopausal symptoms since 2013. Right now I only struggle with hot flashes. Seems that my body finally turning to be almost like before. I never took anything except natural maca powder. I also noticed that it’s better to avoid certain types of food and opted more for raw, organic (when possible) fruits and vegetables…. I start to do morning and evening (before bed) meditation for low down level of cortisol naturally. Having still hot flashes is very important to have an adequate clothing. And yes I think this is absolutely important to take more care of yourself in this precise moment of our lives. A huge hug to all of us menopausal Lady’s!

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