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Become’s Flush-Free Guide to Packing for an Easter Escape

Written by Helen Prentice


Posted on April 18 2019

If you’re lucky enough to be going away over Easter, you may be working out what to take with you to avoid any last-minute panic packing. And this might be made even harder if you’re also suffering with hot flushes and night sweats.

Depending on your destination, you could be travelling light for a weekend trip, or taking a huge suitcase! Either way, here at Become we offer a whole range of wardrobe essentials that are perfect to keep you comfortable and dry, as well as looking great, wherever you’re headed. Here we’ve put together a few outfit ideas to take the hard work out of packing for you – and keep those pesky flushes at bay.

Where to start? Try a capsule wardrobe...
A ‘capsule wardrobe’ is essentially made up of a small selection of indispensable items that never date, the idea being that they can all mix and match together and be pepped up with seasonal pieces or accessories, for example a plain white t-shirt, or a pair of black leggings will literally go with anything. So when you’re choosing your capsule clothes, make sure that each piece complements the next. Thinking in this way is a great way to build up your perfect holiday wardrobe and will hopefully minimise the amount of time it takes to pack, as well as maximise the space in your bag.

The UK minibreak
If you’re mini-breaking in the UK in the Spring, we all know that the crazy English weather is renowned for being unpredictable – swinging from gorgeous sunshine one minute to showers the next. This doesn’t help when your body temperature is also up and down like a yo-yo.

Whether you’re headed to the countryside or for some sea air by the coast, you’ll no doubt be wanting to cover all bases. One easy way to do this is to take a variety of layers. This is where Become’s anti-flush T-shirts can come in very handy. They’re so practical as well as super comfortable and come in a range of four stylish colours and two sleeve lengths. A plain white short-sleeved T-shirt is a classic piece that will look great with jeans for day wear. Or if you’re walking or cycling, it can easily be popped under a sweatshirt. If you’re planning on going out for a meal or two in the evenings, a black long-sleeved T-shirt can look very elegant under a jacket. And should a flush strike, you’ll have the added benefit of our hard-working Anti-Flush Technology™ to keep you cool and dry.

The city break
Clever packing is key if you’re popping abroad for a few days – you may want to take hand luggage only, in which case you’ll need to maximise your clothing collection to cover travelling, sightseeing as well as lunch or dinner out.

Our Become leggings are great to wear for travelling as they are so comfortable. But as well as being perfect plane-wear, they will also be a good choice to take if you’re doing a lot of wandering or exploring, keeping you comfy as well as cool should a hot flush come on. They’re available in go-with-anything black and navy blue. And remember that they can also be dressed up as well as down. As well as wearing them with a wool poncho or a hoodie on the plane, you can just as easily pair them with a long-line shirt or tunic and some heels or sandals in the evening.

The beach break
If you’re heading out long-haul to sunnier climes, you may not have to worry so much about baggage limits, but there are still clever ways to pack everything you need and the hot flushes may be worse if you’re heading to a warm country. At least there may be a swimming pool or the sea to cool off in!

Our Become Vest Tops are so versatile and will keep you fresh and dry all day. They look equally fantastic with a pair of shorts for the daytime or tucked into a maxi-skirt for the evening. We also offer a simple camisole, now available in black and biscuit, which is a comfortable base layer for any outfit, but will look equally elegant worn with a flowing skirt or trousers on an evening out.

In terms of accessories, as well as a day bag for all your essentials, a scarf or shawl is a great way to add an extra layer if you need one and will look chic at the same time. It can so easily be taken off should a flush strike, or popped back on if you feel chilly.  

Other essentials
Whatever you decide to take with you, remember a good base layer. Become underwear will keep you cool beneath whatever you’re wearing – our anti-flush briefs perfectly match our vests and t-shirts and now come in five different colours. They provide a comfortable layer over the tummy, hips and bum to keep you fresh and dry, day and night.

And wherever you’re headed, the Become anti-flush nightdress is the only nightwear you’ll need. Both comfortable but also stylish enough to wear for a night of romance, it’s available in four fantastic colours and will fold down super easily into your suitcase to guarantee you a good night’s sleep whilst you’re away.

Whatever you’re doing over Easter, whether you’re home or abroad we hope you have a very Happy and Flush-Free Holiday. Enjoy!  



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