Beat the heat this Christmas!

As we approach the final few weeks of the year we are stepping into our busiest, most hectic but most rewarding time of the year. We are seeing the snow fall and dressing accordingly, but with the sequin trend showing no sign of abating dressing comfortably, especially when you are susceptible to hot flushes, can be a minefield.

We want to look our best for the Christmas party and protect ourselves from the elements while you’re running (in heels) between heated transport and shops. Regular temperature changes can be a significant trigger for the hot flush but no need avoid the scratchy polyester Christmas jumpers or the in-laws, this time of year has a wealth of potential stressors but come prepared and you will sail through like a dream. Follow our fail-safe guide to staying cool this Christmas!

  1. Pause, breathe, continue

If it starts to feel like too much or your getting a bit hot under the collar, take a moment to pause and close your eyes taking a few deep breaths. It is easy to take on too much over the festive season picking up the responsibilities of present shopping, decorating, food shopping hosting partying but a few minutes out of your day will not stop the wheels turning but it will help you to resent your mind and gather your energy.

  1. Wear the right gear

During peri-menopause and menopause the changes in the estrogen levels disproportionately affect the hypothalamus (we don’t really know why) which controls the appetite, sleep cycles, hormones and body temperature. This is why you suddenly begin to feel hot or find that you swan outside in nothing but a light jumper when the world is all wrapped up.

The hypothalamus will suddenly begin to send signals that your core body temperature is too hot making you feel flushed and start sweating to cool you down but often you end up with the sudden chills afterwards. Try wearing temperature regulating and moisture wicking clothing like Become under your normal clothes (or instead of) and you will start to notice the difference straight away!

  1. Say no

It can be so tempting to try and do it all, see everyone and look fabulous while you do it but don’t forget that it’s time to look after yourself too so don’t feel bad about turning down a few invites. This time of year is so busy and will end as such a whirlwind you are better off arranging to see some friends and family in the new year so you have more time, and less pressure when you do. This also gives you something to look forward to after Christmas has passed and the January sales have burned through your wallet so it’s win-win!

  1. Get out, what you put in

Our diet and what we put in our bodies has a huge impact on how we feel. This may seem obvious but it’s an important and overlooked area of the menopause. During the holiday parties there will be lots of opportunities for finger food and a few too many glasses of wine. As tempting as a the bubbles and mulled wine is, it will make you more likely to flush so switch to the mocktails and it’ll benefit more than your heat - your head the next day will feel a lot better too!

Stay away from anything too spicy as well, as the heat is also likely to trigger a flush so no Christmas curries!


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